Shades of Venezia

I spent 2 full days in Venice, and I felt it was plenty of time to see the city and be done with it. The first day, I walked around without a map, just exploring and getting dizzily lost amongst the circuitous maze of tiny streets, alleyways, and bridges. I was enthralled by the city’s beauty, and stopped constantly to take photos and admire the view: blue or green canals, brightly colored houses right on the water, vivid blue or black and gold gondola boats driven by striped-shirted men with red neckties, a million gelaterias and cafes, church after church after ornate, ivory, towering church. I truly enjoyed exploring this place – unlike anywhere else I’ve ever seen – and soaked it all in until well into the night.

My second day, I had a map in-hand and a few destinations in mind (the Jewish Ghetto, Piazza San Marco, the artist district, etc). Turns out I had already visited all these places the day before, I just wasn’t aware at the time. What I learned from this is that Venice is extremely small, and though it’s easy to get lost in, it is hard to find a place that isn’t totally overrun with tourists, and silly, overpriced tourist gimmicks to buy. When I did make my way out of the touristy areas to the outskirts of the city, it was interesting and much more serene, but these places were small and quickly ended in yet another tourist hub. So, after Day 2 in Venice, I was done and ready to move on to Florence.

The highlight of my time in Venice was visiting the Peggy Guggenheim collection. This museum is in Peggy’s old house (she is actually buried in the yard), and extends to another larger building nearby. Much of the gallery is Peggy’s original collection: the art in the living room is the art she placed there; the dining room is decorated as she decorated it. The Guggenheim in NYC is one of my favorite museums of all time, so I felt exceptionally excited visiting this much more personal collection. And the art was amazing. Kandinsky, Ernst, Tanguy, Capogrossi, Warhol, you name it, it was all there. Just stunning. I spent hours in the museum and loved every minute of it.

Instead of my traditional story-telling with accompanying photos, I decided to just insert a gallery of some of my best photos of Venice. Many of them have captions, a few don’t. Most are in color, and a few are black and white. I just mixed it up for fun…hope you enjoy 🙂

Click the first one to scroll through ’em all.


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