A Glimpse of München

I traveled from Prague to Munich to meet my friend Robin’s twin brother David, who had promised to take me hiking into the Alps in addition to hosting me for as long as I wanted (!). I ended up staying with him for 5 days because he was so awesome.

Emily hearts David 4-Ever!

My time with David will comprise 2 posts: the first one on Munich in general, and the second on our incredible, breathtaking, challenging, EPIC hike/climb up Kramerspitze, which lies just on the Germany/Austria border in Bavaria.

To begin. Post #1: A mere glimpse of Munich, in photos.

Here is a photo from my train ride from Prague-Munich.

Even though it’s dreary, I loved the colors. Roofs all over Europe are so pretty – always red or yellow. It makes things look cheerier, no matter how much it (always) rains.

David and I spent a few days exploring the city together. He was full of random facts about many different things (after all, he was born in Munich). This kept me interested, despite the fact that I had begun to grow a bit weary of city after European city filled with beautiful buildings, magnificent churches, famous art, and rich, long histories.

I’m kidding about the weary part, of course. Though I can get tired of city life, I have not been bored once on this entire adventure. I think boredom would mean I’m trying too hard…

Anyway, here are some pictures of Munich! The city’s just full of fancy buildings and interesting stories…thanks to David for the ongoing narration 🙂

“DRAGON!!!”, I squealed in excitement. “Actually”, replied David, “That’s Wurmeck. Part worm, part dragon. Rumored to have brought the plague to mankind, out of the depths of a well.” Fun fact #283.

A busy area in central Munich known as Marienplatz. Lots of nice buildings, expensive shops, and stroller-pushing, T-shirt buying tourists!

I have been searching high and low for gargoyles since I landed in Europe, and I finally found some in Munich! They were all over this building. It was awesome.

This is a famous clock known as the Rathaus-Glockenspiel (I love the name). Every day at 11AM, tourists flock to its base to watch the life-sized figures re-enact two stories from the 16th century – one involving a joust (the Bavarian knight wins every time). It chimes and plays music, and the figures dance around, for something like 7 minutes. We kept expecting it to end…and it just kept going…

We climbed that! This is “Alter Peter” (Old Peter), the oldest recorded parish church in Munich and presumably the originating point for the whole city. I ordered our tickets in German, by the way. I’m pretty sure David was proud (or just amused at my horrific pronunciation). (Photo: Wikicommons)

A view from Alter Peter of the Glockenspiel and Frauenkirche cathedral, a landmark and symbol of the Bavarian capital city. Did I mention Bavaria is super religious? They even have a church tax – and you have to opt out. (All information from David Jakob, Munich Historian).

Another view from Alter Peter.

Ok, yes, I took a lot of photos from the top of Alter Peter.

LOOK! THE ALPS!!!! Note that I took this photo before actually climbing any Alps. I could not have been more excited to see these snow-capped beauties in the distance, just knowing they were waiting for me…

Doesn’t this just make you want to shout “Bavariaaaa!” from the top of a bell tower?

One day in Munich, I visited the famous Deutsches Museum. It’s huge, but I found it a bit anticlimactic. It’s full of machines and technology and engineering things. Not really my cup o’ tea.

Really only two things excited me about the Deutsches Museum. First, this huge astrological clock (and there were a bunch more inside).

And second, this gigantic, working replica of actin and myosin, ATP and everything! (Nerd alert – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. I think this is probably the most boring part of the museum to most people.)

Once when David was at work, I made my way to Nymphenburg Palace, a baroque palace previously used as a summer residence by the rulers of Bavaria. It was built in the early 1700s.

A closer view of the palace. Fancy, but with a mole problem.

Why the crankypants, Neptune? So much attitude…

Just one of many “smaller” houses in the forested parks behind Nymphenburg palace.

A little pavilion and babbling brook on the Nymphenburg properties.

A beautiful yellow cathedral, just beside Siegestor (Victory Gate). Man, they love their churches here.

Siegestor! David and I ran into the middle of the road to take a better photo – such tourists – but it came out blurry. That’s karma for stopping traffic, I guess.

Cloudy Munich.

This is a traditional Bavarian cake. I forget the name…as soon as David reminds me I’ll stick it in. It was chocolate on the outside and spiced inside. Good with coffee!

We took a long walk through Englischer Garten, bigger than Central Park. It’s really pretty in autumn. And there’s a Beer Garden in the middle of it. And a lake. Double win!

Munich skyline at sunset, seen from the pavilion in the photo above.

David found this tiny swan in the park. You’re welcome for this amazing photo, David.

Next post…ice-climbing in the Alps!


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