Arthur’s Seat, and Edinburgh in photos

I was in Scotland for an entire week, yet have only 3 blog posts to show for it. This is because for the majority of my time in Edinburgh, Robin and I just chilled out, caught up on what we’d been doing for the past few years, and relaxed around town and in his flat. It was a much-needed respite from my constant traveling, hostel-ing, and Couch Surfing, and I’m glad I got to rest, do my laundry, watch some movies, and – most importantly – make lots of home-cooked food! Eating out all the time is not only expensive, but also not nearly as good as cooking your own dinner. Thanks, Robin, Louise, and Barry for letting me use your kitchen every day! šŸ™‚

Edinburgh finally blessed us with a sunny day, and Robin and I decided to take advantage of the blue sky by climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat, the highest point in the city.

Here is a view of Arthur’s Seat from the Edinburgh Castle:

You can see Arthur’s Seat in the distance. It was formed by an extinct volcano system that was eroded by a glacier, according to Wikipedia…also, it might be the location for Camelot.

Approaching Arthur’s Seat from below.

The climb itself wasn’t too bad, and there were lovely views of the city from several points along the trail.

You can barely see some ancient ruins over on the right-hand side of that rocky part. That was once St. Anthony’s Chapel, which fell into disrepair in the 1500s. No one knows when it was built, but the assumption is 1100 AD. So, it’s just a little bit old.

Hiking up the muddy slopes.

The view from one point along the trail.

The trail was only steep in a few areas. Robin and I always opted for the more challenging routes, though we felt a little less bad ass when we noticed all the grannies and little kiddies taking these routes as well.

It’s a pretty popular hill to climb, being the only real one in Edinburgh…

Finally we made it to the top… but not before a little scramble!

This was a totally optional route, and Robin and I opted in.

Robin doing some weak scrambling behind me.

Nice view of the ancient city from atop Arthur’s Seat.

Another vista.

Robin was super proud to have successfully completed this extremely strenuous hike. And by extremely strenuous I mean the easiest hike I’ve done in Europe.

And here I am at the very top of the pile of rocks that forms the tip of Arthur’s Seat:

Me – and all the other “hikers” (read: tourists) who “climbed” this hill.

Once we’d enjoyed the view from the very windy peak, we walked down the opposite side a bit to enjoy lunch in a more sheltered area.

The view during our picnic lunch.

As soon as we’d eaten, storm clouds rolled in and we briskly made our way down Arthur’s Seat to seek shelter from the sudden rain.

It rained the rest of the time I was in Edinburgh.

One day, even though it was pouring, Robin and I ventured to a coastal town about a half-hour train ride from Edinburgh. Our plan was to walk along the ocean, see a different area of Scotland, and maybe make our way to a castle that was supposedly still standing somewhere along the beach. We thought we could brave the rain to have this adventure.

The Scottish beach!

Unfortunately, it was about a 2-mile walk down the beach to reach the castle, and the wind was horrendous, and the rain was freezing, and here is how Robin (and I) felt about making the trek:


(We later found out you had to pay like 30 quid to get into the castle, so, sour grapes and all, we didn’t regret our decision to bail).

Instead, we wound up having tea in a pub we found in the little coastal town.

Much happier about this decision. Also because those are homemade brownies he’s about to devour.

So, as I mentioned, Robin and I didn’t embark on too many more Scottish adventures while I was in Edinburgh. It was very rainy and very grey and very cold, and we thoroughly enjoyed making a ton of delicious food and watching bootlegged movies (just like old times in Kenya!…) and drinking ample bottles of wine in the warmth of his apartment.

Here are a few remaining photos from the rest of my visit:

This is where Robin got his Master’s! (University of Edinburgh)

What can only be described as some kind of horrific Panda massacre in downtown Edinburgh.

This picture isn’t of anything important (at least not that I’m aware). But I really like it, and it sums up the beauty of this old city.

Part of the University of Edinburgh (I think?)

A little love on the path.

One view from the roof terrace of the National Museum of Scotland (which was worth the trip!). Quite Mary Poppins-esque, don’t you think?

And last:

Lumos! (In the Elephant House again, where J.K. Rowling started writing HP).

Until next time, Edinburgh.


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