Welcome to Edinburgh

I arrived to Edinburgh after a nice, quick train ride from Kings Cross in London. My friend Robin was waiting for me on the platform. I hadn’t seen him in over three years so was very happy!

I met Robin when we were both volunteering for the Kenya Network for Women with AIDS in Korogocho Slum, Nairobi. We had an excellent time together that summer, working for KENWA and adventuring around Nairobi and on the Kenyan coast. Here we are on the night before I returned to the US:

Robin and me in Nairobi, 2009

And here we are today!:

Robin and me in Edinburgh, 2012. My hair has clearly been a hot mess since at least 2009.

Robin led me the 25 minutes back to his flat. He explained to me that Edinburgh is divided into two areas known as Old Town and New Town – but New Town was built in the 18th century, so it’s only new by European standards, I suppose.

After we dropped off my pack and met Robin’s wonderful Scottish flatmates, we walked down the hill to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was so nice to be outside (even in pseudo-nature!) and in fresh air after being in London.

I had a hard time obeying this sign.

Lovely Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh.

This greenhouse is the tallest greenhouse in the United Kingdom. And it’s Victorian, as well. Thanks, Robin, for these useful tidbits.

Highest greenhouse ceiling in the UK. Glassy and ornate. And tropical inside.

Royal and spicy peppers in the greenhouse.

We spent the afternoons of my first few days walking around the city, and Robin offered a running commentary on the history of beautiful old buildings, colorful tartan shops, and mysterious little alleyways we passed.

Here are some pictures from the City of Edinburgh:

This is the Sir Walter Scott Memorial. Looks just like the Disney castle, only darker and much cooler.

In Old Town.

Beautiful and ancient.

Sun shining on Edinburgh.

That big hill in the distance is Arthur’s Seat. We climbed that. See the next post.

We went inside this church. Some knights were buried inside it in the 1600s.

Poor Archibald was beheaded near this cathedral in 1661 AD.    Dude.

Reading the names of streets and stores in Edinburgh makes it clear where J. K. Rowling got all the names for stuff in Harry Potter… “34 Candlemaker Row”, “Greyfriars Bobby”, I mean really.

Edinburgh after a rain.

So this post ended up just being a mishmash of random Edinburgh photos, but Robin is nagging me to publish it so he can read it before we go adventuring. The next post will have more direction. I have good stories about the following:

  • Castles and knights and unicorns
  • Murder in dark alleys
  • Climbing a big hill
  • Awkward tartan-overload Scottish family photos

Stay tuned…


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